This is an important and complex area of the law affecting both employers and employees.

Over recent years the law has changed significantly, both as a result of legislation introduced by the UK parliament and that formulated by the European Commission.

It is likely to go on changing. There is considerable confusion among employers and employees about their respective rights and obligations.

These are just a sample of the areas where you may need to take legal advice:-

  • Contracts of employment
  • Changes to the contract of employment
  • Payment and deductions from wages
  • Employee rights for sickness and other absences
  • Unfair dismissals and redundancy
  • Discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, age or disability
  • Health & Safety at work
  • Human Rights in the workplace

Compensation awards for cases of unfair dismissal have been significantly increased. We can advise on all aspects of such matters and can conduct cases as necessary before the County Court or Industrial Tribunal.

Whether you are an employee seeking compensation for unfair dismissal or an employer seeking to defend yourself and your business against a potentially damaging claim, we can help.