Grahame Stowe Bateson are highly experienced at advising on a wide range of family law issues, including:

Ensuring you get the settlement you deserve.

Children/Residence orders
Agreeing which parent the children live with after divorce and negotiating contact for the non-resident parent.

The finances
Sorting out the finances on divorce is a skilled and complex task. We will ensure everything is taken into account to give you the best possible settlement so that you can begin to re-build your life.

We are experts at discovering hidden assets and undeclared wealth so that everything is taken into account and their division worked out evenly and fairly. Our financial forensic skills are second to none and have been developed over years of practice. Obviously, agreement through negotiation rather than by potentially long and expensive confrontation through the courts is the best way. Members of our Family Law Team are skilled negotiators.

Our lawyers are also fully trained in mediation skills to provide a method of resolving disputes about all aspects of marriage and family breakdown to try and avoid court proceedings.

If you are experiencing violence or the threat of violence from your partner, we will advise on how to find protection. We will also advise on injunctions, adoption and care proceedings. Often, if a person has been abandoned, he/she could be left with little or no money. We can give immediate advice and also help in completing application forms for legal assistance. We may also be able to apply for emergency orders from the court on an urgent basis to ensure you have the urgent protection that you require.

Pre-nuptial agreements
At one time, pre-nuptial agreements were the preserve of Hollywood stars and the super-rich but they are becoming increasingly common today, especially in relationships where both parties have significant assets. We are skilled at drawing up such agreements.

Many people labour under the mis-conception that so-called 'common law' wives have the same rights in law as those in formal marriages. As the law currently stands, they do not. In particular, property rights are radically different and can have a serious impact on your lifestyle in the event of a relationship breakdown. Changes are imminent. We will advise you how the current law effects you.

Same sex relationships
In the evolving society of today, same sex relationships are increasingly common. These couples need expert advice in terms of property rights and financial planning among many others. We can help.

Grandparents have rights too. The breakdown of a son or daughter's marriage can mean they risk not seeing the grandchildren they love. Under the Children Act, grandparents can apply to the courts for contact orders. We can assist with this.