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Hiring a Conveyancer when selling a property

February 13 2018

Hiring a fully qualified conveyancing solicitor can ultimately ease the process of changing possession of properties within the property market. Here are a few things that a conveyancing lawyer can help you with when it comes to selling your house: Click here to read more

Domestic Abuse statistics could increase after a 10-year decline

February 08 2018

The introduction of a new offence could cause Domestic Abuse to spike back to new heights after ten years of decline. Until 2015, the punishment for psychological abuse towards a person did not receive the same level of punishment as physical domestic violence, and therefore the figure for ‘Coercive and Controlling Behaviour’ did not reflect the actuality of the incidents. Click here to read more

Latest in the Sexual Harassment Epidemic

January 29 2018

Given the recent influx of sexual harassment claims that have been circulating Hollywood and the show business industry, it’s no surprise that the press is becoming more vigilant to acts of sexual indecency. Click here to read more

You can save your marriage in January

January 22 2018

According to statistics and yearly reports, January is the month when more and more people file for divorce. It appears that the festive period places more stress on couples and people realise that they do not quite believe they can make their relationship work. Click here to read more

Things to consider when writing a will

January 19 2018

Although writing a will and/or testament can seem daunting, it’s a matter that should be taken into consideration at a specific point. There will come a time in life where the desire to write one will become more prevalent. One of the main reasons to consider writing a will if you have potential beneficiaries is because without one, your finances, property and possessions (your estate) would be given back to the state/crown. Click here to read more

January is busiest month for divorce reports show

January 05 2018

With Christmas and New Year over, January is traditionally the month to start new things. Whilst people often join the gym, make a list of New Year’s resolutions, or look for a new job during this time, another increasingly common activity during this period is considering getting divorced. Click here to read more

Conveyancing Association urges industry to 'think big' on home buying revamp

December 19 2017

This month the Conveyancing Association provided its response to the Department for Communities and Local Government’s Call for Evidence on ‘improving the home buying and selling process’. Key elements of their response centred upon the need to “think big” as well as incorporate far more digital elements into the home-buying process. Click here to read more

Sexual offences at record high

December 18 2017

This year has seen an increasing number of high-profile women speak out about sexual abuse. The Harvey Weinstein allegations are just one example of this, with the Time Person of the Year award being jointly given to ‘The Silence Breakers’ and the #MeToo campaign, which encouraged people to speak up about their experiences. Click here to read more

What is Brexit doing to the property market?

December 15 2017

Since June 23rd last year, Brexit has never really been out of the news. This month came the announcement from Brussels that negotiations are to continue to the second stage following a deal between the UK and the European Union being reached. The constant talk of Brexit as well as the ongoing negotiations have understandably meant uncertainty across many areas including trade where the full effects of the decision to leave the EU remain to be seen. Click here to read more

One size does not fit all

December 08 2017

The latest research from London Economics and YouGov has found that standardised information about the different legal services available to clients may not actually help people with choosing a solicitor. The study, which was commissioned by the Law Society, was undertaken to understand more about the way people behave with regards to instructing legal services. Click here to read more

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