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Avoiding Motoring Liabilities in Winter

December 11 2018

Some of West and North Yorkshire’s roads can present motorists with very tricky situations when travelling in adverse weather. With potholes hidden by leaves, icy roads, uneven and loose surfaces, winter travelling conditions can really take their toll on motorists. Click here to read more

The Impact of the Festive Period on Marriage and Divorce

December 04 2018

The lead up to Christmas is often touted as exciting and merry for most, with celebrations and other festive activities occupying our schedules well into the New Year. However, family law solicitors like ourselves tend to experience more filings for divorce in January than any other month of the year. Click here to read more

Why It’s Important to Contact a Conveyancer before Christmas

December 03 2018

The January rush can be a hectic time, not only for house buyers and sellers, but for conveyancers too. For those seeking to complete a housing transaction in the new year, it is advisable to have contracts signed and exchanged before Christmas. As an experienced provider of conveyancing in Leeds and Harrogate, Grahame Stowe Bateson often see a peak in January, so here we are going to explain why contacting us early is a good idea: Click here to read more

Latest Domestic Abuse Findings Released

November 29 2018

Our team of family law solicitors dotted around Leeds and Harrogate often dealt with cases of domestic violence and emotional abuse. Domestic abuse affects thousands of families and relationships throughout the UK. Coupled with technology many cases of abuse may not even include violence, with reported cases of emotional abuse rising in recent years. Click here to read more

Prioritising Children in a Divorce

November 22 2018

Divorce rates in the UK are forever fluctuating. Confirmed 2017 figures show that among opposite-sex married couples, there were 8.4 divorces per 1,000 married couples. This figure is the lowest it has been since 1973, according to The Telegraph. Click here to read more

What Does the New ‘Death Tax’ Mean for Beneficiaries?

November 08 2018

In a controversial government decision, Grahame Stowe Bateson understand that the introduction of a payment up to as much as £6,000 is set to be introduced in order for probate to be executed.Previously, the ‘Death Tax’, more commonly known as probate fees began at around £155 if carried out by a solicitor. Click here to read more

Dealing with the Effects of Divorce

November 05 2018

Coping with a marriage that ends in divorce can be a traumatic ordeal to go through, whether the feelings were mutual or not. Feelings of isolation, confusion, and anger can soon take over, amongst a whole host of other emotions, not to mention the legal process of activating a divorce settlement. Click here to read more

Careless Driving and the Potential Punishments

October 31 2018

Although many drivers on the roads take great care not to endanger other motorists, pedestrians, cyclists or others around them, mistakes can occur, and concentration can often slip. These acts, if be deemed as putting others at risk, are referred to as “Driving without due care and attention / careless driving” and can be worth between 3 and 9 points on your license, or worse. Click here to read more

Common Commercial Property Terminology You Could Hear

October 16 2018

Being new to the commercial property market can mean that you are introduced to a matrix of complex words. Understandably, much of it may not make very much sense. Click here to read more

The History of World Mental Health Day

October 10 2018

October 10th is globally recognised as World Mental Health day. First launched in the mid 1990’s, it has become a powerful force in raising awareness and providing support of mental health issues across the worlds various societies. In some counties, Australia for example, the day is celebrated throughout the whole week, focusing the main campaign around the 10th of October. Click here to read more

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