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Lawyers to find out if personal injury rate decision to be revised

July 28 2017

At Grahame Stowe Bateson we keep up with all the latest news and developments in the legal profession so that our solicitors are able to provide the best service to all of our clients. At the moment personal injury lawyers are waiting to find out whether the government has decided to alter the rate of discount which is currently applied when damages are awarded. Click here to read more

Why you should have a will

July 21 2017

Latest figures from, Unbiased, a financial advice website, show that only around 30% of the population have written a will. This means about 30 million people in the UK do not currently have one which could lead to problems for family and friends in the future. Click here to read more

Why use a solicitor

July 14 2017

Some of our clients have told us that it was difficult for them to know whether to use a solicitor or not at first. For some of them the cost was off-putting, whilst for others they were not really sure what the benefits of using a solicitor were. To help you understand more, here are the main reasons why people choose to use a solicitor. Click here to read more

Anger at QC's 'postman' slur on solicitors

July 07 2017

The recent election manifesto of Simon Spence, a QC who is hoping to elected as vice-chair of the Criminal Bar Association, has caused an upset amongst solicitors due to his views around the advocates’ graduated fee scheme (AGFS). Click here to read more

Brexit to prevent best lawyers coming in to England

June 29 2017

A leading lawyer in London has warned that some of the best legal graduates in Europe will not study law in England after the nation votes to leave the EU. Click here to read more

The difference between inquest and inquiry

June 22 2017

Often in the news and the media we see the terms inquest and inquiry, where the words can appear to be used interchangeably. But the meaning behind the words, in terms of legality, do significantly differ. Click here to read more

How will the hung parliament will affect the justice system?

June 16 2017

Reforms to the justice system have been thrown in chaos by the resultant hung parliament from the 2017 general election. Click here to read more

Growth and Diversity for solicitors

June 09 2017

A recent report by the Law Society has noted several areas of growth in the sector as well as an increased in diversity for solicitors. Click here to read more

Brexit and its impact on employment law

May 25 2017

This spring the Prime Minister finally triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and began the two year countdown to Britain’s departure from the EU. Whilst not having an immediate effect on many British businesses and organisations many are uncertain as to what these means for employment law. Click here to read more

Mental health and the General Election

May 19 2017

After Theresa May called for a snap general election for the 8th of June, mental health is a key issue for much of the public. With political parties making pledges and promises regarding their policies on mental health. Click here to read more

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