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What is Brexit doing to the property market?

December 15 2017

Since June 23rd last year, Brexit has never really been out of the news. This month came the announcement from Brussels that negotiations are to continue to the second stage following a deal between the UK and the European Union being reached. The constant talk of Brexit as well as the ongoing negotiations have understandably meant uncertainty across many areas including trade where the full effects of the decision to leave the EU remain to be seen. Click here to read more

One size does not fit all

December 08 2017

The latest research from London Economics and YouGov has found that standardised information about the different legal services available to clients may not actually help people with choosing a solicitor. The study, which was commissioned by the Law Society, was undertaken to understand more about the way people behave with regards to instructing legal services. Click here to read more

Pledge to help Mental Support in Schools

November 30 2017

Grahame Stowe Bateson Solicitors is pleased to hear that the government has pledged to provide more mental health support in schools. Click here to read more

Why is January a popular time for divorce?

November 25 2017

Grahame Stowe Bateson sees an annual rise in divorce figures over the January period, when an increased number of people will seek a divorce lawyer. It is interesting to examine what might cause this increase. Click here to read more

Divorce rates rise for first time in this decade

November 17 2017

According to leading reports, divorce rates have risen for the first time in around a decade, with a large proportion of middle-aged couples deciding to end their marriage. Click here to read more

Legal advice for the Christmas party

November 09 2017

Christmas time is well known as party season and is the time of year when companies are most likely to hold a celebratory event for their staff. This could be anything from a festive lunch to a meal out to a lavish evening ball. Whatever the occasion, there are some similar points to keep in mind though in terms of individual and company liabilities at such events. Click here to read more

Why do you need a property solicitor to help you move home?

October 23 2017

Moving to a new property is recognised as one of the most stressful things you are likely to encounter. With so many different boxes to tick and things to be checked it can seem like a never-ending process at times. Using our property solicitors in Leeds can help to take some of the stress out of moving home as well as ensure that all legal aspects have been covered. These are three of the main reasons why you should use a reliable law firm to help you: Click here to read more

What is estate planning?

October 19 2017

Although not everyone is familiar with what estate planning is, most people have an estate of some kind. Your estate includes everything you own and is made up of large material things such as your flat or house, car and furniture, down to smaller, though still valuable, items such as jewellery. It also contains the contents of any savings or bank accounts you may have. Click here to read more

When to use a lawyer for a motoring offence

October 12 2017

With many different motoring offences out there, it can be difficult to know when to use a lawyer to defend yourself against the charge and when it may be a better option to deal with the fine on your own. If you have been charged with an offence our lawyers at Grahame Stowe Bateson will able to advise you what your best options are depending on the individual circumstances of the incident. Here, we have outlined a few points to bear in mind when it comes to motoring offences: Click here to read more

How do you know when divorce is the right option?

October 06 2017

Deciding to get a divorce is a difficult decision for anyone to make. If you are in a relationship that you feel is not working, we can work with you to provide advice to help you through such a time. We are a leading family law practice and with more than half of marriages in Britain ending in divorce you should not feel alone. Click here to read more

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