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Car insurance costs drop, but are motorists really feeling the benefit?

April 17 2018

According to research provided by, average motoring insurance costs have decreased by 2% over the last 12 months. The potential reasons for this include changes to the ‘Ogden Rate’ back in September 2017, which has been altered once again, but this time to compensate insurance for long-term injury claims. Click here to read more

How can a grandparent get access to their grandchildren if their son/daughter have divorced?

April 12 2018

In England and Wales, unfortunately grandparents do not have the automatic right to see their grandchild. Only the parent or guardian have automatic parental rights with the current law. Where necessary to do so, primarily an informal agreement should be made between the grandparents of the child and the parents. Should the parties be unable to reach an agreement, there are steps the grandparent can take to gain access to their grandchild. Click here to read more

Obscure UK Driving Laws that could result in a hefty fine

March 30 2018

Whilst the obvious laws of driving such as speeding and drink driving are set in stone and help maintain safety on our roads, there are a few ambiguous legislations that could incur points on your license and a weighty financial penalty. Click here to read more

Legal regulator urges for clarity on Conveyancing Services

March 28 2018

A legal regulator has recently released a report indicating that there is still ‘clearly room for improvement’ for property professionals who provide details of cost and service when it comes to buying and selling homes. Click here to read more

Beginners Guide to Divorce

March 22 2018

Unfortunately, most of us misunderstand how divorce works, which causes extra stress and difficulty. If you are just beginning to think about divorce there are a few things about the process that are useful to understand: Click here to read more

Tougher Sentencing Recommended for Domestic Abuse Offenders

March 16 2018

Those prosecuted for domestic abuse (in England and Wales) could see jail time soon, under new sentencing guidelines as courts are considering taking more serious action towards those who create violence in the home. Click here to read more

Six new driving laws that could affect motorists in 2018

February 28 2018

UK Driving Law often changes to accommodate rising levels of congestion, accident reduction, and vehicle maintenance. This year, more legislation affecting motorists is set to happen; as a result, Grahame Stowe Bateson have chosen the most important ones that could affect drivers in our Yorkshire region: Click here to read more

BAFTA Stars Dress in Black to Support ‘Time’s Up’ Campaign

February 26 2018

This month, guests at the BAFTA Awards dressed in all black to bring awareness to the ‘Time’s Up’ and ‘Me Too’ campaigns, standing up for the awareness of sexual harassment, abuse, and inequality in the work place, following the recent sexual harassment scandals in Hollywood. Click here to read more

Hiring a Conveyancer when selling a property

February 13 2018

Hiring a fully qualified conveyancing solicitor can ultimately ease the process of changing possession of properties within the property market. Here are a few things that a conveyancing lawyer can help you with when it comes to selling your house: Click here to read more

Domestic Abuse statistics could increase after a 10-year decline

February 08 2018

The introduction of a new offence could cause Domestic Abuse to spike back to new heights after ten years of decline. Until 2015, the punishment for psychological abuse towards a person did not receive the same level of punishment as physical domestic violence, and therefore the figure for ‘Coercive and Controlling Behaviour’ did not reflect the actuality of the incidents. Click here to read more

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