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New driving laws for using mobile phone at wheel

March 17 2017

New driving penalties for motorists caught using a mobile phone behind the wheel have come into effect this month. Click here to read more

Legal profession leads the way

March 10 2017

A recent YouGov survey has found that the legal profession provides the best opportunity for progression to senior roles for young people. The questionnaire was completed by respondents employed in seven different sectors: finance, hospitality, IT, legal, manufacturing media and retail. Its aim was to understand more about the degree to which participants thought their respective companies supported disadvantaged people in the workplace. Click here to read more

How an adoption lawyer can help you

February 28 2017

Adoption can be a dream for many people. The process can be the most joyous times of some people’s lives. The hope and promise it can give to people is often overwhelmingly beautiful. Adoption gives a new lease of life for the child and the future parents. But, the adoption process can also be extremely worrying, stressful and dispiriting. Click here to read more

Theresa May working on new laws towards domestic violence

February 24 2017

Our Leeds-based family lawyers have breathed a sign of relief this week following the news that Prime Minister, Theresa May is carrying out plans for a new Domestic Violence and Abuse Act to protect those in abusive relationships. Click here to read more

Man forced to pay out lump sum in divorce – but is it fair?

February 14 2017

Our Yorkshire divorce lawyers were intrigued by a new story this week that divided opinion over the division of money following a divorce between two wealthy people. Click here to read more

Employment Law in 2017

February 10 2017

There are several changes being made to work place regulations which may have an impact on you or your company. Below is a summary of this latest legislation regarding Employment Law: Click here to read more

What are your rights when you’re not married?

January 26 2017

In divorces, the couple can look to the S25 Matrimonial Causes Act 1973, followed by an application to the Family Court for a Financial Order, which will decide how to divide their assets. The case us not so simple for couples who are not married. Click here to read more

Social media and divorce

January 20 2017

Social media sites have grown over the years and in turn have become a much more significant factor in divorce. Click here to read more

5 tips for writing a will

January 13 2017

Writing the right kind of will is important to ensure your affairs can be successfully completed after you have passed. Click here to read more

Thinking about a divorce

January 04 2017

January is one of the busiest months for divorces, after all the festivities have come to an end. Click here to read more

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