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Choosing a divorce lawyer

May 12 2017

Going through the divorce process is naturally an extremely stressful and emotional time. The last thing most couples want or need is the strain of searching for the right divorce lawyer. Click here to read more

Should civil partnerships be available to all?

May 05 2017

Since the introduction of marriage for all here in the UK, there has been a question mark over the issue of civil partnerships – are they still needed, and if so, why are they not available to mixed-sex couples. Click here to read more

Probate fee hike abandoned

April 28 2017

Our Leeds solicitors that specialise in wills and probate are pleased to hear that the government has announced it will scrap its controversial plans to increase probate fees. Click here to read more

5 reasons to use a solicitor for legal works

April 21 2017

It is not uncommon to wonder whether using a solicitor is a good idea or not. Some people question whether it is absolutely necessary for one to be involved and others can be put off by the cost. Click here to read more

Four years on from Jackson Reform

April 13 2017

On 1st April 2013 changes to civil litigation costs and funding came into force after Lord Justice Jackson’s review of the system during 2009-2010. The main objective of the changes, which were introduced via the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act (2012), was to reduce litigation costs. In particular, the alterations affected the areas of paying for litigation, managing costs and managing litigation. Click here to read more

New laws on police bail

April 07 2017

Our Leeds criminal lawyers are pleased to hear that new laws regarding police bail have now come into practise throughout the UK. Click here to read more

Employment Law, Article 50

March 31 2017

March 29th 2017 will mark Britain giving formal notification of Article 50, triggering a two-year window for Britain and the European Union to negotiate terms for Britain to withdraw. Click here to read more

How DNA can be used as evidence alone in a trial

March 24 2017

Criminal lawyers, including those here at GSB in Leeds, all have a basic understanding that DNA matches can be hard-hitting pieces of evidence in a court case. Understanding its strengths, as well as weaknesses, is a skill in which our criminal law team specialise in. Click here to read more

New driving laws for using mobile phone at wheel

March 17 2017

New driving penalties for motorists caught using a mobile phone behind the wheel have come into effect this month. Click here to read more

Legal profession leads the way

March 10 2017

A recent YouGov survey has found that the legal profession provides the best opportunity for progression to senior roles for young people. The questionnaire was completed by respondents employed in seven different sectors: finance, hospitality, IT, legal, manufacturing media and retail. Its aim was to understand more about the degree to which participants thought their respective companies supported disadvantaged people in the workplace. Click here to read more

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