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Employment Law Case will see woman inspector win up £30K

June 14 2011

Female inspector brings sex and age discrimination case against her force. Click here to read more

Government closes stamp duty avoidance loophole

April 28 2011

The chancellor has clamped down on stamp duty avoidance schemes that are widely used by rich individuals buying high value residential properties as well as buyers of commercial properties. Click here to read more

Commercial Property Department

September 30 2009

Grahame Stowe Bateson is delighted to have acquired the services of Heather Roberts. Click here to read more

Leeds lawyers praised for £1m-plus free advice

February 25 2009

A Yorkshire law firm has passed a milestone by donating more than £1,000,000 of free legal advice Click here to read more

Grahame Stowe: A tale of lies, damned lies and crime statistics

February 20 2009

RARELY, it seems, does a week to go by without a member of the Government proclaiming they are winning the 'war' on crime – and flaunting the latest statistics to support their case. Click here to read more

Legal warning over redundancy pay-offs

January 15 2009

SENIOR employment lawyers in Leeds are warning of a potential 'litigation time-bomb' as bosses rush through redundancy deals with fast-track settlements. Click here to read more

Leeds gun campaigner's killer grandson detained indefinitely at mental unit

January 13 2009

The grandson of anti-gun campaigner Pat Regan was ordered to be detained indefinitely at a secure mental hospital after he admitted killing her in a frenzied knife attack. Click here to read more

Why Jacqui Smith can't ban prostitution

November 24 2008

Jacqui Smith cannot ban prostitution because there will always be a demand for sex by men who are prepared to pay for it. Equally there are women who are prepared to have sex and be paid for it. Click here to read more

Free Wills

November 12 2008

Free wills are being offered by a Leeds firm as part of a national charity fund-raising drive Click here to read more

How to hold on to your home

October 13 2008

FOR many a homeowner the credit crunch makes this a worrying time - if like most people you have a mortgage. Click here to read more

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