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Annual January Divorce Spike

January 21 2019

As we mentioned before the New Year, January is a very common time for married couples to begin the proceedings of a separation. Much of this is done by contacting an expert solicitor group such as Grahame Stowe Bateson, who specialise in family law.

Already this year, relationships charity Relate has seen a huge 84% increase in website visitors. Much of their content covers dealing with failing or abusive relationships.

Why is January so popular for divorce filings?

Explanations for divorce solicitors receiving more filings from couples tend to vary. However, in the past, reasons have included:

·         Pressure of having a perfect Christmas

·         Money restrictions as a result of festive pressure and January cutbacks

·         Build up of abuse no longer being tolerated by the turn of the year

The most recent divorce figures revealed that the divorce rate for heterosexual couples had reached its lowest point in 45 years. However, analysts have said that this could be as a result of fewer couples choosing to get married.

Regardless, the number of couples seeking legal advice from divorce lawyers for a broken relationship undoubtedly sees a huge spike at the beginning of the year. So much so, that the first working Monday of the year has been dubbed “Divorce Day”. It has been coined so within the law industry by solicitors and law firms to illustrate the surge of enquiries regarding divorce.

There are support networks available for those experiencing issues with their marriage and relationship, through websites such as Relate. If you are experiencing physical or emotional abuse, contact the authorities when you can. Organisations such as Women’s Aid and IDAS who specialise in the Yorkshire region are available to provide support.

Grahame Stowe Bateson also offer legal services throughout Leeds and Harrogate when it comes to divorce. To speak to one of our expert family law solicitors, you can find the details for your local office below:

·         Leeds City Centre - 0113 246 8163

·         Leeds Bramley - 0113 255 8666

·         Leeds Middleton - 0113 276 0044

·         Harrogate - 01423 562121

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