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Beginners Guide to Divorce

March 22 2018

Unfortunately, most of us misunderstand how divorce works, which causes extra stress and difficulty. If you are just beginning to think about divorce there are a few things about the process that are useful to understand:

-It’s a long process – It’s important to know this from the onset so that you can manage your expectations. Divorce can be extremely stressful, especially if you have kids so preparing yourself for the long run will be beneficial.

-It’s not one process, but three – It’s common to think of divorce as ending the marriage, dealing with dividing assets, and arrangements for the children all in one go. Each is a process, meaning that you’ll need to prepare yourself to deal with your divorce in different stages as it won’t happen overnight.

-It’s reality – Affording a divorce, both financially and emotionally can appear daunting. Many people think that solicitors need to be involved right away or that going to court to ‘protect themselves’ is the first protocol to ‘get what they are entitled to.’ This is a costly and stressful misunderstanding of the system. Agreeing as much as you can, either on your own, using family mediation, or having solicitors negotiate for you is your easiest bet. Going to court is very much a last resort for the majority of people.

-Court is unlikely – it’s extremely unlikely that your divorce will end in a court hearing if you are able to come to peaceful agreements on things such as children, property and money.

-There are no rewards for good and no punishments for bad - What happens to the money or assets is not affected by who did the hurtful thing.  'Past behaviour' is listed as one of the criteria for deciding how assets are divided, but generally speaking, it doesn't always work like that.  

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