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Careless Driving and the Potential Punishments

October 31 2018

Although many drivers on the roads take great care not to endanger other motorists, pedestrians, cyclists or others around them, mistakes can occur, and concentration can often slip. These acts, if be deemed as putting others at risk, are referred to as “Driving without due care and attention / careless driving” and can be worth between 3 and 9 points on your license, or worse.

This can be heavily inconvenient for motorists, which is an issue recognised by the solicitors here at Grahame Stowe Bateson. As leading lawyers providing legal advice for motoring issues in Leeds and Harrogate, here we are going to illustrate what constitutes careless driving and the potential punishments.

Careless driving is not as clear cut as an illegal offence, and the nature of the incident will determine the severity of the punishment. The sentencing council states the following as acts of culpability:

·        Excessive speed or aggressive driving

·        Doing other tasks when driving

·        Driving while fatigued or unwell

·        Continuing to drive despite medical advice instructing not to do so

These can all result in your driving license being issued with a CD10 code, however there are other incidences of driving without due care and attention that can result in a similar outcome.

Other driving behaviours that can result in a CD10 include:

·        Tailgating

·         Undertaking

·        Eating / drinking at the wheel

·        Using the incorrect lane at a roundabout

It is important to note that a CD10 does not include speeding, drink/drug driving or driving whilst using a mobile phone. These are all covered by additional codes, more of which can be found on the RAC website.

If you are worried about how a CD10 code may affect your driving license or would like to know about legal representation for a motoring offence, Grahame Stowe Bateson have an expert team of solicitors specialising in motoring law. The contact details of our various offices in Leeds and Harrogate can be found below:

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