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Choosing a divorce lawyer

May 12 2017

Going through the divorce process is naturally an extremely stressful and emotional time. The last thing most couples want or need is the strain of searching for the right divorce lawyer.

Here at Leeds based Graham Stowe Bateson we have seen first-hand from our clients how confidence in their lawyer has helped them navigate such complicated and sensitive situations. Take a look at our top tips for finding the right divorce lawyer for you.

1.       Choose a divorce process.
This will be your first decision. Do you want to use litigation, mediation, Collaborative Divorce or cooperative divorce. This should be one of the first decisions you make as it will inform what divorce lawyer you opt for.

2.       Decide what kind of legal service you need.
Everybody going through a divorce will need some form of legal advice. Your divorce could be standard and simple, however if you own multiple assets, property or business then this is where it could get complicated. As a result you will need to hire a more experienced divorce lawyer.

3.       Ask around
Believe it or not this can be one of the best and most effective ways to find a good divorce lawyer. Word of mouth can be incredibly useful because other people in your local community may have experienced the same thing. This will help you find out feedback on the quality of service all relative to the price.

4.       Find an experienced family lawyer
While any lawyer will have knowledge about divorces, it is best to get one that is experienced in that specific field. Whilst it may be true that the law is the law if you put a property lawyer up against a family lawyer the odds are massively in favour of the family lawyer. 

5.       Shop around
It is a good idea to speak to a number of law firms or family lawyers before committing to one. You may like or dislike what you see with a firm, or may find out that other equally experienced lawyers offer just as good a service but for a better price.

Graham Stowe Bateson have been helping member of the local community in Leeds and Yorkshire for nearly 30 years. Our team are highly qualified and experience in family law and dealing with divorce settlements. To see how one of our family lawyers can help with your divorce give us a call on 0113 2468163.


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