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Conveyancing Association urges industry to 'think big' on home buying revamp

December 19 2017

This month the Conveyancing Association provided its response to the Department for Communities and Local Government’s Call for Evidence on ‘improving the home buying and selling process’. Key elements of their response centred upon the need to “think big” as well as incorporate far more digital elements into the home-buying process.

In terms of modernising the system, a number of initiatives, which would improve the current process were suggested in the response. These included making a broader range of property details, such as titles, leases, and covenants digitally accessible as well as the digitisation of Land Registry registers. An online property logbook was also cited as a means of improving the overall buying process. This would remove the need to collect the same information each time an individual property is sold.

Further suggestions from the Conveyancing Association highlighted the need for improved communication to buyers about the role of conveyancers in the buying cycle. This was identified as important in order for consumers to fully understand the service they provide, as well as be able to make informed choices when selecting a firm to use during the buying process.

The Director of Delivery at the Conveyancing Association, Beth Rudolf, summarised their official response by stating: “Our focus in producing this response to the ‘Call for Evidence’ has been all about ‘thinking big’ and not being constrained by the home buying process as it currently exists, or by what has happened in the past. We feel this is a real opportunity to secure a process that works not just now but in the future and our response offers up advice and tangible solutions that we believe, if introduced, will secure a much smoother process.”

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