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Criminal Record or a Clean Slate?

February 22 2019

Committing a minor crime can land culprits in a spot of bother with the authorities. The criminal law solicitors at Grahame Stowe Bateson have been a part of several cases where it was necessary to protect the criminal record of a client.

However, picking up a criminal record is a matter that should be taken seriously. The consequences even following prison release can include:

·        Travel disruptions

·        Employment difficulties

·        Social disgrace

The severity of the crime(s) will ultimately determine the length of a sentence and the likelihood of a decent quality of life once the sentence has been completed.

In the case of criminals seeking employment, our current society facilitates common practice to collect, retain and disclose known information about criminal activities. This is done in the best interest of protection of the public, specifically in roles that involve contact with children and vulnerable people.

However, how should society approach the rehabilitation of criminals? It can be very difficult for past offenders to turn their lives around and achieve a decent standard of living due to the social stigma and requirement to disclose that is attached to a criminal record.

Given the headlines surrounding GDPR last year, members of the public now have the ‘right to be forgotten’ granted to them. Should this be the same for minor criminals? According to the UK Human Rights Blog, Article 8 of the ECHR (European Convention on Human Rights) was section of debate by the Supreme Court recently, as it was discussed when disclosure of a criminal past becomes a disproportionate interference with a person’s right for respect of their private life.

The cases in question can be read in detail here.

As previously mentioned, criminal law solicitors at Grahame Stowe Bateson have acted on behalf of clients and successfully protected their criminal record, as well as retaining driving licenses. If you have a motor related issue and require legal support, or for any of our other legal services, you can find our contact details below:

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