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Hiring a Conveyancer when selling a property

February 13 2018

Hiring a fully qualified conveyancing solicitor can ultimately ease the process of changing possession of properties within the property market. Here are a few things that a conveyancing lawyer can help you with when it comes to selling your house:

Preparing the legal documents required within property transactions:

This includes drawing up the Contract of Sale for selling a property and including any special requirements that need to be met within the transaction. In addition to this, a Vendor’s Statement will need to be prepared; the conveyancer should carry out the planning searches to meet the legislation of your region or constituency.

Legal advice:

There could be other conditions that need to be adhered to within your transaction. For example, you may wish for your settlement date to coincide with the purchase of another property; this is likely to be the case if you are selling one property and buying another. Conveyancing services can offer specialised advice on the legal documents that the buyer will need so that this settlement can be made.

Avoiding unnecessary fees and adhering the necessary laws:

Whilst conveyancing can be done manually yourself, restrictions of time and lack of knowledge during the process can result in missing vital information. This in turn could result in potential prosecution if something goes wrong. Using the recommended conveyancer of the estate agent could cost more as it is likely to incur a commission fee. Whether, you are buying or selling a property, domestic or commercial, Grahame Stowe Bateson specialise in helping you complete the legalities and abide by the necessary regulation, whether it is buying or selling a house.

We have a guide on our website that outlines things to consider from four weeks before your move to the final day. If you need conveyancing representation in Leeds or Harrogate, or any more information, visit our contact page to get in touch with our teams in Bramley, Middleton, Harrogate, or Leeds City Centre.

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