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Increase in Rural Crime Making for Medieval Tactics

August 17 2018

Grand theft auto and burglary are often associated with the stealing of cars and homes in metropolitan and built up areas in the city, but in actuality, these crimes stretch as far as rural dwellings too.

According to farmers insurance firm NFU Mutual, many farmers are reverting to medieval tactics to prevent theft and vandalism from their land, in light of a recent rise in rural criminal activity. NFU Mutual records show that the majorly affected areas include the Midlands, Wales, and the South East of England, with Scotland and the North West reporting a decrease.
The cost of damage and stock loss has amounted to £44.5m, as the targeted attacks focus on stock such as agricultural machinery, quad bikes/ATV’s, Land Rover Defenders (popular vehicle of choice amongst farmers).
Speaking to the BBC, NFU Mutual’s rural affairs specialist Tim Price claimed that a ‘new breed’ of determined thieves were responsible for the rise in this nature of crime. He continued to argue that these criminals use technology and forceful techniques to acquire farmers property, causing them to boost their defences. 
Similarly, famers are combining old ‘medieval’ style techniques with modern technology in order to secure their property; using CCTV and floodlighting alongside earth banks and ditches to fortify their land as though it were a castle. 
The full account of statistics can be found on
Farmers and the local police in Gloucestershire have been working together to bolster defences in hope to deter and catch criminals in the future. It is hoped that these tactics can assist farmers in preserving their land, property and livestock, in addition to catching the necessary criminals.
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