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Latest in the Sexual Harassment Epidemic

January 29 2018

Given the recent influx of sexual harassment claims that have been circulating Hollywood and the show business industry, it’s no surprise that the press is becoming more vigilant to acts of sexual indecency.

Last Thursday, an annual charity dinner was held for the 34th year in succession intended to raise money for a selection of UK charities. The guest list featured some 300 male politicians, celebrities and businessmen and service was provided by 130 female hostesses. In the past, activity of the Presidents’ Club Charity dinner, (this year taking place at London’s Dorchester Hotel) has gone largely unreported considering the sums of money it has managed to raise in the past; last year’s total being £1.5m.

Following an undercover investigation by reporters sent from the Financial Times, allegations regarding misconduct of the sexual nature towards the hostesses has come to fruition. Madison Marriage was one of the FT supporters sent undercover to work as a hostess at the ball.

Accounts from hostesses working at the event suggest that some of them were victim of hands being put up their skirts by male attendees, with one claiming a male attendee had exposed himself to her at one point during the evening. Marriage’s account claims that hostesses were groped and received lewd comments and propositions from the male guests.

It was also claimed that the dress code given to the hostesses demanded short black outfits with matching underwear and heels that would suit a ‘smart and sexy’ dress code. For more details regarding these allegations, read the full article on the Financial Times.

Whilst sexual harassment being committed throughout multiple industries has been an issue preventing equality for some time, the sudden boost in reporting of incidents is bringing even more incidents to light that may not have previously been looked at or resolved.

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