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Legal regulator urges for clarity on Conveyancing Services

March 28 2018

A legal regulator has recently released a report indicating that there is still ‘clearly room for improvement’ for property professionals who provide details of cost and service when it comes to buying and selling homes.

This has come to light according to comments by Paul Philip, Chief Executive of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) regarding an investigation carried out by IFF Research and commissioned by the regulator.

The study addressed the experiences of over 1,500 consumers who had bought or sold a property in the last two years. It was found that over three quarters of these consumers were satisfied with the legal services received, which is a relatively positive figure. However, there were worries concerning the timeliness and quality of the information provided.

Results also showed that the most common method used to select a conveyancing solicitor was through an estate agent at 27%, closely followed by personal recommendations at 25%. But the findings also suggested a shift in consumers looking to comparison websites in order to weigh up their options; 40% of respondents admitted being aware of websites that help compare legal providers online.

One interesting piece to take from the surveys were that the top factors influencing a decision in choosing a conveyancing provider were whether the solicitor was a specialist in conveyancing, and the cost they offer it for.

There were 14% of respondents who announced that they were unhappy with the service received from their conveyancer. The most common reason was inefficiency and slowness at 37%. This was followed by poor communications by 22% of respondents, and 17% cited mistakes as their main issue.

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