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Mental health and the General Election

May 19 2017

After Theresa May called for a snap general election for the 8th of June, mental health is a key issue for much of the public. With political parties making pledges and promises regarding their policies on mental health.

Here at Grahame Stowe Bateson we have partners who are members of the Mental Health Review Tribunal Panel as well as others who members of the Law Society Mental Health Panel. So, in light of last week’s Mental Health Awareness week, we have taken the time to look through the UK’s parties promises on the topic of mental health and the Mental Health Act:

Labour’s key pledges:

·         Protect mental health budgets

·         Extra funding for children and young people who need support from mental health service

·         Putting mental health support counsellors in secondary schools

·         Put an end to out-of-area placements for mental health patients

·         To look into a range of therapies that are on offer, including psychological therapy, which involves talking rather than medicating. Include mental health training for NHS staff

·         People will have the same right to psychological therapies as they currently have to drugs and medical treatments.

Conservatives key pledges

·         10,000 more staff employed by the NHS’s mental health services by 2020.

·         Mental health support in all schools and large companies

·         Continue to fund the Samaritans helpline until 2022.

·         No more charges for people in debt when proving they suffer from mental health issues to creditors.

·         Replace the ‘flawed’ mental health act

The main UK parties are promising a lot on the matter of mental health. As with most pre-election pledges it is always dubious to know which will come to fruition. But it seems one thing for sure is the parties both notice the importance of mental health support services in the UK.

Grahame Stowe Bateson understand that anyone in the Leeds or Yorkshire area that is suffering with mental health issues need as much support as possible, whatever the outcome of the general election.

If you require the help the legal advice and assistance in relation to orders issued under the mental health act, then do not hesitate to contact our qualified Leeds based solicitors who are familiar with this specialist work and may be able to help. 

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