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Minimising Family Disputes over Wills

September 14 2018

Whilst the contents can vary from person to person and family to family, for many, your last will and testament will be of extreme importance to your beneficiaries once the time comes. One of the purposes of your will might be to leave loved ones or members of your family with lasting memories or future opportunities in your memory. Ultimately, it is likely that you won’t want a dispute between beneficiaries once your will is inherited.

One way in which you can make sure your will is fulfilled properly is through checking for mistakes. Everyone is guilty of making an error, and it is because of this reason that you should make sure you haven’t made one. Even something as simple as misspelling a name or an address can have an impact further down the line.
Another factor to consider is how up to date your will is. It is usually recommended that you update your will after every major life event. This includes:
A death in the family
Specifically, with the high rates of divorce at the moment, this could prove to be a more common occurrence. As a result, if you are at the stage of your life to be writing a will, this is something to consider.
As strange as it may sound, a common mistake when it comes to will writing is not writing a will at all. According to Co-Op Legal, 60% of UK adults surveyed do not have a will. The consequences of this? The state will decide where and who your possessions and estate are distributed to. This could prove to be very controversial for your loved ones after your legacy.
Focusing on those three factors should hopefully minimise the chances of a dispute between your beneficiaries and family members when the time arises.
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