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Moped Crime increases

June 05 2018

Moped crime is on the increase in the UK, with this type of crime particularly prevalent in the country’s capital. Recent figures obtained by the BBC highlight just how steep the rise has been, with more than 23,000 occurring last year compared to 827 in 2012. High profile victims such as Michael McIntyre, who was robbed whilst picking his children up from school in north-west London this month, have further highlighted the frequency of this kind of attack.

Whilst the comedian’s Rolex watch was taken after two men broke into the windows of his car with a hammer, mobiles are another common target. With many people walking along with their phone on show in their hand, this makes them an easy steal for moped robbers. According to the Guardian, as well as the public being an at-risk group, so too are delivery drivers. This is because they are often carrying cash as a result of delivering food or goods as well as usually having mopeds with few or no security features, which make them easy to steal.

At the moment a number of measures are being considered to tackle the increase in moped crime. As well as developing features which will in the future make mopeds more difficult to steal, forces are using remote control stingers to puncture tyres. Intelligence operations are also being carried out by the London Metropolitan Police as well as forensic tagging. Police are also using new purpose-built bikes in an attempt to reduce the number of moped crimes.

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