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New Whiplash Bill Could Leave Innocent Crash Victims Out of Pocket

May 25 2018

Personal injury claims made by victims of a crash or motoring incident caused by a negligent or drunk driver are set to potentially receive reduced pay-outs from insurance firms, due to a recent government reform.

The Civil Liability Bill will alter the way in which justice is given to road users who are injured through no fault of their own. During the debate, the bill was scrutinised over being unable to define what constitutes a whiplash injury. In addition to this, the exclusion of ‘vulnerable road users’ from the actions of the bill was also discussed; this includes cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders.
Joe Egan, President of the Law Society England and Wales, said:
“As we see in the news every day, anyone can be the victim of drink driving. 
This is a significant change to the present system where judges decide what compensation is to be awarded. There is a risk these new proposals will mean victims will receive far less than under current levels of compensation.”
Egan continues, stating that the reforms are unlikely to cause insurance premiums to fall, believing that insurance companies will capitalise on any profit they can:
“These promises have been made before. The government says its objective is to reduce the cost of motor insurance, but the reality is insurers take the savings and fail to pass them onto consumers."
For many motorists, this new reform will make it much more difficult to receive the justice and compensation deserved. At Grahame Stowe-Bateson solicitors, we specialise in getting motorists the justice they deserve. Learn more about what we can provide for motorists by contacting one of our offices in Leeds City Centre, Harrogate, Middleton and Bramley. You can find the details for each of our offices here. 

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