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Obscure UK Driving Laws that could result in a hefty fine

March 30 2018

Whilst the obvious laws of driving such as speeding and drink driving are set in stone and help maintain safety on our roads, there are a few ambiguous legislations that could incur points on your license and a weighty financial penalty.

Hidden or covered number plate:

Whilst it isn’t against the law for the body of the car to be dirty, (excluding windows), having a registration plate that isn’t fully legible is. With the emergence of Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras, this is a policy that will be clamped down on in the future. So, any dirt, snow, or rust that conceals the number plate should be cleaned and maintained to avoid a potential £1000 fine in accordance with Section 43 of the Vehicle Excise and Registrations Act 1994.

Splashing pedestrians:

This one may be a little more obvious for most motorists. Section 3 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 states that ‘inconveniencing others’ is classed as careless driving, whether others are a fellow motorist or a pedestrian. It is advised that drivers avoid the puddle completely, or at least slow down to minimise the splash.

Letting a pet hang out the window:

It is understood that specifically dog owners, allow their pet to stick their head out the window of a moving vehicle. Unfortunately, this is classed as ‘driving without due care’ and could invalidate your insurance if it is revealed that an animal roaming freely around the vehicle had contributed to an accident. This subsequently puts the insurance company within their rights to withhold pay outs on a claim.

These are just a few of the several lesser known driving laws that could potentially affect motorists. It is important that drivers are aware of these, as it can mean saving you the worry of incurring points on your licenses and a large fine.

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