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One size does not fit all

December 08 2017

The latest research from London Economics and YouGov has found that standardised information about the different legal services available to clients may not actually help people with choosing a solicitor. The study, which was commissioned by the Law Society, was undertaken to understand more about the way people behave with regards to instructing legal services.

The research found that whist it is important for consumers to be able to access the correct information in a suitable and timely way, it is unlikely there is a set way of providing this information which will be appropriate to everyone.

Joe Egan, President of the Law Society of England and Wales, has spoken about how a regulated approach to information may actually hinder people’s decision-making ability. Referring to the provision of information to clients he said: “There is no ‘one size fits all’ – these are complex issues that need careful unpicking. In this instance, the regulatory approach is inflexible and risks driving competition on price alone, rather than on other important considerations such as quality or protections.”

He also drew attention to other findings from the research which included how consumers can sometimes place “too much reliance on price information on a website, and not enough reliance on other factors that may be more important such as the experience of the solicitor and the regulatory protections in place.” He also stressed the importance of providing information which allows people to make informed choices about the representation they require and that this should be at the centre of all firms’ work.

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