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Pledge to help Mental Support in Schools

November 30 2017

Grahame Stowe Bateson Solicitors is pleased to hear that the government has pledged to provide more mental health support in schools.

As mental health law solicitors, we see first hand the issues that surround mental health cases, and are firm believers that more should be done to support those in the earliest of stages.

The new proposals will include a 4-week waiting time for youngsters who may need specialist support, as well as schools adopting a new system of support teams within either their own school or their school academy. It is hoped that the setting up and delivery of this will start in 2018, with one in four schools expected to have this system in place by 2022.

 However, those who have been campaigning for these provisions believe that whilst it is great news that their concerns have been listened to and followed up, there should be more done to solve the problem. Charities and healthcare professionals have for a long time been concerned with the lack of mental health support younger people have been receiving and one in every 10 girls aged between 16 and 17 were referred to a mental healthcare specialist last year.

So what else is included in these new proposals and what will it mean?

Well, every primary and secondary school in England is to be offered mental health awareness training and all pupils are to be taught about mental health and wellbeing as part of improved relationships education and PSHE [personal, social, health and economic] lessons. This is expected to be a yearly occurrence with children receiving education on the issue at least once every 12 months, if not more.

At GSB, we employ some of the very best mental health lawyers in the country who can assist if a family member has been placed under the mental health act. For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our experienced team today.

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