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Probate fee hike abandoned

April 28 2017

Our Leeds solicitors that specialise in wills and probate are pleased to hear that the government has announced it will scrap its controversial plans to increase probate fees.

Previous announcements from Downing Street had indicated that they were aiming to push fees up to as much as £20,000, which could have been damaging for Yorkshire residents having to pay out inheritance tax. However, due to the general election, which is now looming, the Government has decided that this change wouldn’t be able to go through in time.

The Government had hoped to replace the current flat fee rate of £215 for applications made without a solicitor with a sliding scale. That meant that people up and down the country could end up paying more based on the value of their estate. These fees would mean that probate fees could have been anywhere between £300 to a maximum of £20,000 for properties worth over £2 million.

According to the president of the Law Society, Robert Bourns, this proposal would have affected 42% of estates in the UK and could have put further negative pressure on families that have just suffered a loss. It is for that reason that our Leeds solicitors, as well as those up and down the country, are breathing a sigh of relief for our customers. However, there could be a chance that this proposal still does go through the motions after the election – however, due to widespread criticism, it could be that the government decide to hold off completely.

We will have to wait and see as to what the government decide to do following the election – whichever party takes No.10. However, in the meantime if you would like to speak to our solicitors about probate and inheritance tax, or will planning, please feel free to contact our Leeds office on 0113 246 8163.

Our Leeds solicitors pride themselves with offering sound advice about concerning legal aspects during this stressful and upsetting time. We aim to offer the most cost-effective and efficient services when it comes to probate and lasting powers of attorney and have done for many customers in the Leeds, Wakefield and surrounding Yorkshire area for years.


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