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Rise in Will Challenges

February 28 2019

Challenging the will of a loved one can come with its legal and ethical complications. However, there are bound to be cases where the beneficiary (or non-beneficiary) of a will may feel it is necessary to contest a will.

Studies by Direct Line of Official National Statistics have suggested a rise in the readiness of people to contest a will in certain parts of the country; this is according to

As per the piece, “There was a six per cent increase last year in people contesting a grant of probate – an important step to gain control over an estate after someone dies.”

Reports suggest that London, Norwich and Southampton are the areas with the highest figures of will disputes, with Sheffield recording the lowest figures.

Common reasons for the challenge of a will include:

·         Mental State of Will Writer

·         Ethical, Lawful and Official validity

·         Immoral Influence or Fraudulent Activity

·         Errors

Complex family structures can make the writing of a will a difficult process, especially if there are other mitigating circumstances such as health implications. In occasions where the execution of a will is proving difficult, seeking the legal advice of a professional within wills and probate could help.

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