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Should civil partnerships be available to all?

May 05 2017

Since the introduction of marriage for all here in the UK, there has been a question mark over the issue of civil partnerships – are they still needed, and if so, why are they not available to mixed-sex couples.

It’s a very difficult, but topical, subject. In a time where we as a society say ‘we are all equal’, should it now be that all laws are open to everyone in the country, regardless of gender, age, religion and race.

Our Leeds family law solicitors firmly believe this should be the case. Civil Partnerships should be offered to all, or abolished completely. And it seems like the general population agree with us, as a new Populus survey suggests that three in five people believe that civil partnerships should be open to all couples – regardless of gender.

A breakdown of the survey is listed below:

-57% of respondents believed all couples should have the right to obtain a civil partnership in the UK

-20% said that civil partnerships should be completely removed and marriage should be the only option for all couples

-24% stated that they didn’t mind on what should happen

Like the rest of the country, our family law solicitors in Leeds will have to wait until 12th May 2017 when parliament will discuss the Civil Partnership Act 2004 (Amendment) Bill to decide whether to extend civil partnerships to mixed-sex couples, or to abolish it completely.

At GSB, our family law solicitors are highly experienced on providing legal relationship advice. Our range of services can include civil partnerships, divorce and separation, finances, adoption and children/residence orders. Over the past few years, we have helped couples within the Leeds, Wakefield Harrogate and surrounding Yorkshire areas, providing them with sound legal advice in family law, wills and probate, commercial property and employment law.

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