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Spring and Summer the Main time to Move

June 26 2018

Being a well-recognised law firm in Leeds, Grahame Stowe-Bateson understand that moving or selling a home can become a daunting task, especially when choosing the right time of year to do it.

According to most estate agents, the most popular time of year to seek a buyer or seller for a property is in Spring, with the intention of having deals settled by the summer. An interesting graphic on showcases the most popular times of year for property transactions and the warmer months tend to be the most popular (based on their user data).
According to an article that the Yorkshire Post published earlier in the year, areas in Leeds were set to benefit more from market trends to the Yorkshire property market than other cities in the region.  Since this is such a popular time of year for such negotiations, many buyers and sellers would be looking for a reputable property solicitor in Leeds to assist with paperwork and conveyancing.
Given the experience we have at Grahame Stowe-Bateson, we know that conducting a property negotiation without a solicitor can add to the stress. Whether it is a residential or commercial property in Leeds, utilising a property lawyer makes for a more seamless and speedy process. 

If you are still looking to move into a property or are finalising the last bits of your paperwork and could do with the extra help, the expert team of solicitors at Grahame Stowe-Bateson would be more than happy to help.
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