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Steps to Take if Involved in a Motoring Accident

January 11 2019

Before we provide you with our first blog of 2019, Grahame Stowe Bateson would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and we hope that you enjoyed your Christmas break. We look forward to offering our legal services to clients in Leeds and Harrogate over the coming months.

As one of the services we specialise in includes Motoring law, in this article, we are going to discuss what to do when involved in a motoring accident.

1.      Remain Calm and Stay at the Scene

Whilst emotions may cloud your judgement immediately after an incident, it is heavily important that you don’t make any irrational decisions. There could be injuries of varying severities amongst the parties involved, and if you flee the scene you could face very serious charges.

2.       Assess all other drivers and passengers

Before inspecting any damage to property or a vehicle, check on all persons involved in the incident first. Call for medical attention from emergency services if required and avoid moving an injured person unless a hazard requires you to do so.

3.      Inform the police

Where substantial physical injury or damage to property is caused, the police must be informed immediately. Once the police have arrived, ensure that a full report is taken as well as the names and badge numbers of each officer.

4.       Consider the legal action you can take

Whether the incident was your fault or not, hiring a solicitor could help your cause. If you are at fault, a motoring law solicitor can help your defence. Should you be the injured party, a lawyer that specialises in motoring law can assist you in achieving the compensation you deserve.

Other important steps to take include:

·         Take pictures of the scene

·         Exchange details with other motorists/pedestrians involved

·         Inform your insurance company

·         Be cautious with who you discuss the incident with, i.e. competing insurance companies

·         Assess all options before accepting compensation or an early settlement offer

Grahame Stowe Bateson cover motoring cases for clients throughout Leeds and Harrogate. Our expertise and advocacy could be the difference in you retaining your license or receiving the maximum settlement fee. Contact your nearest office on one of the numbers below and our team will be happy to help:

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