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The History of World Mental Health Day

October 10 2018

October 10th is globally recognised as World Mental Health day. First launched in the mid 1990’s, it has become a powerful force in raising awareness and providing support of mental health issues across the worlds various societies. In some counties, Australia for example, the day is celebrated throughout the whole week, focusing the main campaign around the 10th of October.

Each year, a different theme is associated with WMHD, with previous themes including Living with Schizophrenia, and the Effects of Trauma and Violence on Children and Adolescents. Last year marked the campaigns 25th anniversary of, with the theme concentrated on mental health in the workplace.

This year, the focus is ‘Young People and Mental Health in A Changing World’; according to the World Health Organisation, ‘half of all mental illness begins by the age of 14’, with most cases going undetected and untreated.

Recognition of this as a prevalent issue within adolescence and other walks of life has been recognised however. Earlier this year, Prime Minister Theresa May backed the governments concerns regarding:

·        More people being sectioned/detained under the Mental Health Act

·        The disproportionate representation of minority ethnic groups detained under the act, specifically African, Caribbean and Asian backgrounds.

·        The need for the Act to adjust to modern ways of treating and dealing with mental health

One of the stand out results of the report, found that the way which the current Mental Health Act works in partnership with the police can be improved. The claim was that detainees are kept in prison or custody for too long whilst waiting to go into hospital. A full and easy-ready version of the review can be found at the Government UK website.

Grahame Stowe Bateson provide legal representation for those being detained against their will under the current Mental Health Act. It is recommended that the solicitor selected is a member of the Mental Health Review Tribunal Panel, as they will be familiar with this specialism. More details can be found here.

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