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Tougher Sentencing Recommended for Domestic Abuse Offenders

March 16 2018

Those prosecuted for domestic abuse (in England and Wales) could see jail time soon, under new sentencing guidelines as courts are considering taking more serious action towards those who create violence in the home.

It’s also said that social media threats and online bullying will now be taken into consideration when investigating abuse. Charity Refuge has described it as “a huge step forward.”

Domestic abuse can result in dire consequences – severe injuries can be caused to the recipients of the anger and violence, as well as mental trauma. The Sentencing Council say that domestic offences should be treated more seriously. Normally taking place within family and intimate relationships, they say it represents a "violation of trust and security.”

Victims of domestic abuse can potentially suffer "lasting trauma,” preventing them from trusting others in the future and more serious issues such as PTSD. Perpetrators also present a continuing threat to the safety of others as well as the victim – meaning action must be taken to ensure no further incidents occur.

The new guidelines that will take place in May 2018, differ to those issued in 2006, which stated offences in a domestic context should be viewed as "no less serious" than others. The consequences of domestic violence will be dependent on the severity of the crime and not the victim’s wishes. As well as this, magistrates have been informed to take “great care” in the case of the offender/victim requesting a lesser sentence due to the involvement of children in their lives.

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