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What do House Movers want most from their Conveyancing Experiences?

July 25 2018

For many, there is a focus on the price of the solicitor or the house, however it is rare that a consumer would choose the cheapest lawyer possible, as they want to guarantee the best service for the handling of their negotiations.

Whilst price is an important factor to consider, there are other needs that consumers require to fulfil their desire of an ideal negotiation process.

1.      Speed

This does not necessarily mean rushing the process, but it is widely known that moving to a new house can be one of life’s most stressful challenges. Hiring a solicitor or conveyancer that enables a quick process with good communication between all the parties involved will go a long way to not only benefitting the customer but increasing the reputation of the solicitor.

2.      Security

Consumers should be weary of fraudulent agencies. It is vitally important to seek a conveyancer that you trust. This can be supported through seeking reviews and experiences from others or doing your homework online or by speaking to a neighbour or family member. Estate agents can also provide recommendations regarding more reputable conveyancers.

3.      Hassle-Free

Ultimately, when it comes to buying or selling a house, the parties involved want it to alleviate any unnecessary stresses that are surplus to requirements. By using an accredited solicitor that communicates any potential issues and works safely and quickly, consumers can ensure that their negotiations are handled appropriately.

At Grahame Stowe-Bateson, conveyancing is one of our specialities and we have been conducting them throughout various areas of Leeds and Harrogate. We understand that speed, security and seamlessness are the three vital components of an ideal conveyancing process for house movers. To  find out where your local branch is and to get in touch with a member of our team, visit our contact page or call 0113 246 8163.

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