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What makes Grahame Stowe Bateson who we are

August 11 2017

At Grahame Stowe Bateson Solicitors, we understand that our customers want a professional and honest service at all times. That is why we make sure we employ some of the leading solicitors in the Yorkshire area, with multiple years’ experience and a proven track record.

What also makes us different is we do not try to do too much. As a team, we all have our own specialisms and we will stay within those areas. These include motoring law, family law (including divorce law) and a few other services.

As a result, this ensures that if you do come to us and require a service that is not within our remit, we will not attempt to do it. We only want to give professional and comprehensive legal advice, and thus if we cannot, we don’t want to try and do something half-hearted.

How we help

We can help by providing that legal arm to your proceedings. It is important to remember that a lawyer is not a councillor and that you should try to always keep proceedings moving with the legal stance. This is because our time is best used this way and we can only give our best in the things we are qualified to do. If you want to find out more about this, please read one of our latest blogs, which helps you pick a lawyer for your needs.

Our experience, understanding of the legal professional and compassion mean we get a great outcome for our clients on a regular basis and this is a reputation we are proud of.

How can we help you?


If you are looking for a lawyer to help you out with a specific need, like a motoring offence or a divorce, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team today. Not only would we like to help, but we can also give you the support and legal guidance you need to make sure it all goes smoothly. 

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