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Why is January a popular time for divorce?

November 25 2017

Grahame Stowe Bateson sees an annual rise in divorce figures over the January period, when an increased number of people will seek a divorce lawyer. It is interesting to examine what might cause this increase.

For many people, Christmas is the annual event that we look forward to most, and the stress of trying to achieve a celebration worthy of the whole year's anticipation can be daunting. Stress is a big factor in relationship breakdown, and after the stress of providing a perfect Christmas for the family, inevitably, some people will decide they do not want a repeat performance the following year, and will take steps to change things by consulting a divorce lawyer.


Lack of money for the big celebration is a common cause of dissatisfaction and worry for many over the festive period. Arguments over finances may highlight general feelings of dissatisfaction within the relationship, and lead to consulting a divorce lawyer.


 Everyone else seems to be happy at Christmas. Seeing others having a good time, will sometimes lead to an examination of whether we are actually as happy in a relationship as we could be.


Family tensions tend to loom larger over Christmas. We may spend more time with our extended family, and even our own children may begin to seem annoying after too many days of squabbling over Christmas entertainments.


Excessive alcohol can lead to inconsiderate behaviour, which may be remembered long after the morning after. Alcohol can also cause us to be depressive behaviour, and to act and see things in a negative way.


And finally, the New Year's Resolutions. Extra leisure time, and the start of a new year make us examine the previous year, and we may decide that a change would be for the better.


Whatever the reason for higher divorce rates in January, many will turn at this time to a divorce lawyer. Experienced family solicitors, Grahame Stowe Bateson, can provide the advice you need on all divorce matters, including finance, children, your home, or mediation. Leading Leeds solicitors Grahame Stowe Bateson are highly qualified to provide the very best family law advice when things go wrong in your marriage.
















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