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Why It’s Important to Contact a Conveyancer before Christmas

December 03 2018

The January rush can be a hectic time, not only for house buyers and sellers, but for conveyancers too. For those seeking to complete a housing transaction in the new year, it is advisable to have contracts signed and exchanged before Christmas. As an experienced provider of conveyancing in Leeds and Harrogate, Grahame Stowe Bateson often see a peak in January, so here we are going to explain why contacting us early is a good idea:

Cluttered Paperwork:

Nobody wants to have random bits of paperwork lying around the house (especially when it can occupy precious present hiding space). The added clutter can be off putting for visiting guests and family members, and you may want to keep the news of buying/selling a house a secret until the transaction is complete.


One of the biggest delays for house buyers and sellers is the inconvenience of one party being on holiday during the process. Whether the buyer or seller has gone abroad, or the solicitor is closed during the Christmas break, these can all create delays in completing the transaction.

Beat the January housing rush

As previously mentioned, January is one of the busiest times of year for conveyancers in helping to complete a property transaction. The increase in workload for solicitors can make the process take much longer than necessary. Completing the process before Christmas means that you can enjoy the festivities without having to worry about additional paperwork.

If you are wanting to have your property transaction completed before the January rush, Grahame Stowe Bateson recommend getting in touch with a conveyancer as soon as possible. Across our offices in Leeds and Harrogate, our highly qualified team of solicitors are experienced in conveyancing for clients throughout the region. We have a city centre office as well as bases in Bramley, Middleton and Harrogate.

To get in touch with a conveyancer in Leeds or Harrogate, see our contact details below:

·        Leeds City Centre - 0113 246 8163

·        Leeds Bramley - 0113 255 8666

·        Leeds Middleton - 0113 276 0044

·        Harrogate - 01423 562121

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