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Why use a solicitor

July 14 2017

Some of our clients have told us that it was difficult for them to know whether to use a solicitor or not at first. For some of them the cost was off-putting, whilst for others they were not really sure what the benefits of using a solicitor were. To help you understand more, here are the main reasons why people choose to use a solicitor.

1. Breadth of advice they can provide

People use solicitors due to the range of legal support and advice they can provide. As well as the more common situations where people use them, such as when writing a will, purchasing property or reaching a divorce settlement, there are many other times when their services can be beneficial. For example, solicitors can help with business start-ups, employment rights and power of attorney.

2. Expert training and professional conduct

Another reason people use solicitors is due to the length and extent of training they will have received. Solicitors have an unparalleled knowledge of the law and also have to adhere to a professional code of conduct meaning they are in a strong position to provide legal advice.

3. Specialist experience

Solicitors have a wealth of experience in providing legal help which has been built up through the many different cases they have worked on during their careers. They are able to use their experience in previous situations as well as extensive training to help achieve the best possible outcomes for their clients.

Grahame Stowe Bateson is one of Yorkshire’s leading private client firms. Based in Leeds, our solicitors are experienced across a range of different areas including: criminal defence, wills and probate, employment law, family law, conveyancing and mental health law. If you are looking for a solicitor in the Leeds area, please get in touch today by calling 0113 246 8163.

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