• ARE YOU FACING PROSECUTION AND NEED ADVICE AND REPRESENTATION? Not only are we handling every day cases n the Magistrates Court relating to Prosecutions brought by the Police, did you know that we also specialise in offering expert assistance, advice and representation in relation to : 
  •  HEALTH AND SAFETY EXECUTIVE Prosecutions are taking place on a regular basis following investigation and enquiry into allegations of misconduct by Landlords, Employers, Shop-owners, Trades people in relation to mis-management of their premises/work places.  These can result in substantial fines or imprisonment for which expert advice should be obtained at the earliest opportunity which invariably is the interview with the Health and Safety Office.  We will attend with you, advise and assist throughout. 
  •  ENVIRONMENTAL HEATLH PROSECUTIONS These are brought in relation to pollution, noise abatement, general damages to the environment and once again require expert assistance at the very initial stages, namely at the interview and if required representation in Court.   We will assist throughout. 
  •  DEPARTMENT OF TRADE The Department of Trade now known as the Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform – this organisation is responsible for Prosecutions involving offences under the Insolvency Act/Companies Acts.  Offences committed by directors in the management of a Company and offences involving Company Directors Disqualification attract substantial penalties including hefty fines and imprisonment.  Again attendance at the initial stages of interview and advice and representation throughout any prosecution process are essential.  Grahame Stowe acted for several years as an Agent of the Department of Trade and Industry in prosecuting such cases.                                                
  • CUSTOMS AND EXCISE Offences in relation to the importation of goods or the evasion of duty will attract enquiry and Prosecution requiring assistance at the initial and subsequent stages. 
  • DEPARTMENT OF WORKS AND PENSIONS The Department of Work and Pensions prosecute offenders for false claims in relation to benefits.   Enquiries will commence in the form of an interview with an Investigating Officer when representation is strongly advised.  If Prosecution does follow, representation is strongly recommended.  Arguing and over-seeing claims for repayment of benefits and mitigating in relation to penalty in the event of cases being proven. 
  • SERIOUS FRAUD OFFICE Enquiries carried out by the Serious Fraud Office as their title suggests are of the greatest magnitude.  Any interrogation by the Serious Fraud Office would necessitate advice and guidance throughout what are very intense and penetrating interrogations.  Seeking advice at the earliest opportunity is imperative from Solicitors with many years of Criminal Law experience. 
  • PROFESSIONAL BODIES With the complexity of regulation surrounding the conduct of affairs of Professionals breach of regulations is not rare.  In the event of Disciplinary Proceedings being invoked by Professional Bodies Solicitors in this office have upon many occasions successfully represented Professional people before their professional bodies. THIS LIST IS NOT EXHAUSITVE IN THE EVENT OF PROSECUTION OR ENQUIRY/INTERVIEW BY ANY ORGANISATION CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY.       

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